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Birthday Logic Puzzle

Solve the logic puzzle below for a chance to win a $25.00 Baker's Square gift card.

Deadline is Sunday, August 15th at 8:00 PM.

Zachary, Grace, Jessica, Ryan, Elizabeth, and Justin were each born on a different date (June 9, August 1, August 28, August 7, June 17, and June 24).

Figure out each person's birthday using the calendar that is shown below.

1.   Jessica's birthday is after Justin's birthday.
2.   Zachary's birthday is before the thirteenth of the month.
3.   Jessica's birthday is in the month following July.
4.   Zachary's birthday is in the month following July.
5.   This year, Zachary's birthday will be on the first Tuesday of the month.
6.   Zachary's birthday is before Elizabeth's birthday.
7.   Jessica's birthday is before the eleventh of the month.
8.   This year, Elizabeth's birthday will be on the fourth Monday of the month.
9.   Grace is the first one to celebrate a birthday during the year.
10. This year, Justin's birthday will be on the third Saturday of the month.

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